Get Aboard the Whiztrain which will take you to various technology destinations.


"Whiztrain" is an organization committed to delivering training courses that bring value to individuals and organizations. There is always that small hump which needs to be facilitated to be crossed to further the learning of individuals and organizations and Whiztrain aims to enable crossing that and "Unleash the whizkid in you". “We provide complete software technology courses and guidance from professionals and industry experts.” Some of them are ex-IItians and ex-IIMians and have long experience in various world leading MNCs.



Whiztrain offers software services for development and testing. We have a team of highly skilled software development and testing professionals. Some of our core specializations are as: Selenium test automation, Agile Testing, Selenium test automation, JMeter performance testing, C, C++, C#, HTML5, CSS, Javascript & various libraries, Shell Scripting, Sencha Framework, Mobile and web applications

Courses (online/offline)